Episode 258 – Dino Papas – KL0S

Dino Papas, KL0S, leads the Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club in Williamsburg, Virginia, using the leadership skills that he acquired after 26 years in the US Army.  Dino is a frequent contributor to amateur radio magazines, including QST, offering his unique and needed perspective on our ham radio hobby. Along with his wife Toby, KL0SS, Dino provides a ham radio maker space in his garage to share his knowledge and resources with his fellow hams.

Hometown:  Williamsburg, VA
Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club
First License: 1969, 15 years old
Favorite Operating Mode: DX on any mode and melting solder
Favorite Operating of All Time: Being fortunate to work P5 (North Korea) on SSB and RTTY.  And of course, talking on the radio with my XYL Toby KL0SS at anytime!

Spouse: Toby Papas, KL0SS
First amateur radio mentor: Truman Horton,  WB6QFV

First Rig: 
Hammarlund HQ100A 
Heathkit DX40 Transmitter
Fan Dipole 80, 40, 15 meters
Drake TR4 Transceiver

Current Rigs:  
Icom IC-7851 HF transceiver
Icom IC-910H (VHF/UHF)
Drake C Line


AES – Amateur Electronic Supply
ARRL License Manual 
Redwood High School, Larkspur, CA
Redwood High Amateur Radio Club, WB6NVY
Marin Amateur Radio Society
Model 19 Teletype
Model 28 KSR
Ameco Morse Code course
US Air Force ROTC Program
The Care and Feeding of a Ham Club, by Carole Allen W5NQQ
STP Rule: The Same 10 People
Bell Curve
Steven Bible, N7HPR
Riding the Short Waves, By Don Keith, N4KC
N4KC Challenge – call a long distance to a random person in Slovenia and have a QSO. 
Williamsburg, VA Electronics Builders Group
Antenna Build-a-thon
Apple 2 computer to teletype, by Dino Papas, 73 Magazine, 1984
KL0S Shack Notes
A Ham Radio Maker Space, By Dino Papas, KL0S, QST Magazine 
Build a 3 Voltage Bench Power Supply
Heathkit HW-202 Two Meter Transceiver
 “A Ham’s Silent Key Guide”, an upcoming QST article that offers suggestions on how we can best prepare our families for the inevitable day we’ll all become a silent key.  Will appear in QST, September 2019. 
The Inventory List, By Noll K8NB, QST Magazine, April 2018
End of life planning advice: Write your own obituary
Home schooling STEM

Greatest challenge to amateur radio:  getting younger folks into the hobby. 

​Most excited by: advances in technology today. Engaging in lifelong learning

Advice to new or returning hams:  Don’t be afraid to fail at something.  Everything is hard until you figure out how to do something. 

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Dino in his ham shack
KL0S Workbench Left
KL0S Workbench Right
Icom IC-910H VHF/UHF All Mode

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