RM Italy MLA100 Amplifier Demonstration

“Mark, W8BBQ show the RM Italy MLA100 amplifier to get over 100 watts from a QRP rig. 160 meters through 10 meters plus 6 meters. Allows you to up your 5 watts of power from a QRP transceiver to over 100 watts when needed.”

RM ITALY MLA100 HF Amplifiers

RM ITALY MLA100 HF Amplifiers cover all Amateur bands, 160 through 6 meters, providing up to 100 watts output on HF and 80 watts on 6 meters with only 5 watts maximum RF input. They are the perfect choice for medium power operations with today’s very capable, low power (QRP) radios, including many brands of portable and SDR transceivers. The MLA100 features PIN diodes for very fast receive-transmit-receive switching am seamless QSK CW fast break-in operation. Band selections are automatically detected and switched or may be set manually. Front panel LEDs display power output and SWR simultaneously on dual bar graphs. MLA100 amplifiers have built in protection from excessive input power, high temperature and high SWR.

The MLA100 is a clean and capable standard solid state linear amplifier using two robust Mitsubishi RD1000HHF1 MOSFETs built into a massive, chassis-sized heatsink.

The MLA100V is the same amplifier unit with the addition of an externally mounted fan.

Both MLA100 and MLA100V HF Amplifiers require 13.8 Vdc at 20 A maximum, and feature a rear panel 20A ATC fuse and DC power quick connector. Also on the rear panel are Input and Output SO-239/UHF female RF connectors and a female RCA phono “PTT” for amplifier keying.   Their chassis measure 78 x 190 x 182mm (3.07 x 7.48 x 7.17 in.) and weigh 1.4kg (3.1 lbs.).


Available exclusively in North America from DX Engineering, order your RM ITALY MLA100 HF Amplifier to bring new operational capability – and more fun – to your QRP transceiver.





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