RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: 2019

The RSGB IOTA Contest is the most popular contest in the RSGB HF Contests calendar, attracting entries from around the world.

IOTA refers to the RSGB “Islands on the Air” awards. A newcomers’ guide to the system of IOTA references and further information on the IOTA Contest can be found at the IOTA Contest Information page and on the IOTA Contest FAQ page. A beginners’ guide to operating in the contest is here.

If you have any questions about these rules, please email

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IC-9700 new release!

IC-9700 new release!

“We announced the release information of IC-9700 today. IC-9700 is the RF DIRECT SAMPLING METHOD (144/430 Mhz Belt) with high rating in HF Trans… Read more



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