Episode 266 – Ralph Fedor – K0IR

Ralph Fedor, K0IR, has participated in at least 15 DXpeditions to the most remote parts of the World. Ralph shares his amateur radio story leading up to his DXpeditions, the opportunities, the lessons learned, and the avoidance of fate off of Bouvet Island in 2018.  K0IR took a break from preparing for the upcoming Pitcairn DXpedition in October for this QSO Today.

K0IR Links: 
Pitcairn Dxpedition 
Bouvet Island DXpedition 3Y0Z

Hometown: Lakefield, MN

Current QTH: Waite Park, MN

First License: WN0ABU, Novice, 1961
Upgrade to Conditional, WA0ABU

Favorite operating mode: CW

Other Hobbies: 

World Radio Labs Globe Chief transmitter
Drake C Line Transceivers

DXPedition Lessons learned:  

  1. The team has to have respect for feelings, space, and unique talents
  2. Ego is the worst enemy of any DXpedition
  3. Planned and based on propagation predictions
  4. Adaptable plan as necessary
  5. Plan for possibilities
  6. Ask What IF? 
  7. What is the backup plan

Pitcairn DX Propagation Prediction K6TU

University of Minnesota, BA, MD
“Vietnam Doctor Draft” 
Teleradiology System to rural hospitals
HCJB Voice of the Andies
Radio Canada
Understanding Radio Electronics, By Milton Kaufman, Herbert Watson
A Course in Radio Fundamentals, by George Grammer, ARRL
Operating an Amateur RAdio Station
Continental Morse Code
ARRL National Traffic System
FT8 Digital Mode
FT8 Dxpedition
Marty Laine OH2BH
Captain Cook about South Sandwich Island: “The most awful place in the World”
National Science Foundation
Bravehart, New Zealand ship
Peter  the 1st Island
Amsterdam Island
Pitcairn Island
Transit of Venus observed – Captain Cook
Breadfruit tree
Mutiny on the Bounty, by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
Fletcher Christian, Pitcairn Island

Movie reference: Fate is the Hunter, with Glenn Ford

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: Attracting young people to our hobby. 

Excited most by: Dxpeditions, new technology like digital modes

Advice to new or returning hams: Fasten your seatbelt, things have changed for the better.  

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World Radio Labs Globe Chief Transmitter
Hallicrafters S-38C Receiver
Drake “C” Line HF Rigs
FlexRadio Flex-6500 HF SDR Transceiver

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