Released the IP501M dual-SIM compatible in- vehicle IP transceiver compatible with 2 carriers of au / NTT DOCOMO .

Product name / model name In-vehicle IP transceiver / IP501M
Suggested retail price Open price
Release date Monday, September 30, 2019
Annual sales plan 2,000 units

Icom Co., Ltd. (Head office: Hirano-ku, Osaka, President: Masataka Harima) will release a new IP501M dual-SIM-compatible in-vehicle IP transceiver for au / NTT DOCOMO carriers.

Unlike conventional transceivers, IP transceivers are transceivers that can use the mobile phone line as a calling area throughout Japan * 1 . Therefore, it can be said that it is a communication terminal that combines the features of a transceiver that allows voice information to be shared with many people at once, and the features of a mobile phone that can make calls without worrying about the calling distance or dead zone.

The newly released IP501M is an in-vehicle IP transceiver. The communication line to be used can be selected from au and NTT DOCOMO by installing the SIM provided by our company, and it is a dual SIM specification that can be used by switching carriers according to the situation by installing both SIMs. Regardless of the carrier, the phone is compatible with the handy type IP502H.

In addition to being able to talk at the same time as a mobile phone instead of alternating with the other party of communication, in addition to being able to communicate naturally and supporting multiple communications by many people, it can be used like a conference call, It is also possible to interrupt an emergency contact during the conversation.

In addition, it has a GPS function and can display IP501M location information on a map displayed on a PC or WEB browser (subscription to an optional product or WEB service is required). It also supports Bluetooth® and supports hands-free operation.


IP501M will be sold as a communication terminal that can be used in many industries, including transportation, transportation, and security.

[Main features]

  • Dual SIM compatible in-vehicle IP transceiver compatible with both au and NTT Docomo carriers.
  • A communication terminal that combines the broadcast performance of a transceiver and the wide calling area of ​​mobile phones.
  • Supports simultaneous and multiple calls.
  • With GPS function, location information can be displayed on a PC or web browser * 2 .
  • Talking with conventional IP transceivers such as handy type IP502H is possible.



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