Episode 269 – dennis Kidder – W6DQ

Dennis Kidder, W6DQ, is an amateur radio renaissance man, a collector of the game changing radios from pre-World War 2  to the present. He enjoys 80 meter AM on his Collins broadcast transmitter and working 10 Ghz SSB with the San Bernardino Microwave Society.  Dennis is the co-author of Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio and a sought after speaker at ham radio events.

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio, by Jack Purdum, W8TEE, and Dennis Kidder, W6DQ

  • Favorite project from the book: Watt meter and Directional coupler
  • Easy to start project: Digital panel meter, or QRP Dummy Load

QTH: Inyokern, California

Hometown: Rolling Hills Estates, CA

First License: 1969, Novice, WN6NIA, Age 17
Upgrade to Advanced

Dennis’s Novice Story

Collins KWM2 Transceiver

First Rig: 80 Meters
ARC5 Transmitter
BC454 Receiver

Collins 75S3 Receiver
National SW2 Receiver Kit
National SW3 Receiver Kit
National AGS Commercial Shortwave receiver 
World Radio Labs Galaxy
Drake TR5 transceiver
Drake TR7 transceiver
Collins 550A1 Transmitter
Western Electric 451A1 Transmitter
FlexRadio Flex-5000 has beautiful AM transmitted signal

Bob Martin, W6QJU
Art Collins, Collins Radio Founder
Sid Falkner, WN6MRM, now K6AF
Harrison Faulkner, Jr, W6PM, SK
Bill Dickman, W6DR – teletype and home, SK
Chek Tipcum, W6DQ – antennas and feedlines, SK
James Millan – National Radio Company
Chuck Swedblom, WA6EXV
Ellwyn “Chip” Angle,  N6CA   

1964 Alaska Earthquake
Heathkit VTVM
VTVM – vacuum tube voltmeter
Henry Radio, Los Angeles
Northrop Institute of Technology, CA. BSEE
Sound engineering
WED Enterprises
Logicon Technosolutions, Inc.
Six-Flags Magic Mountain
Knotts Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Tales
Universal Studios Jaws Shark
DEC PDP11 Computer
PIDP-11 – PDP11 front panel controlled by Raspberry Pi computer
Hughes Aircraft, Australia
Radio astronomy
James Millan, National Radio, Single signal receiver
National Radio Company
Collins PTO instead of a VFO – movable inductor
Swan Radio Company
RL Drake Company
West Coast AMI Net – Wednesday Nights
San Bernardino Microwave Society
EME or Moon bounce Radio
Qualcomm Microwave
Ranger Peak, Santa Barbara
Owens Valley Radio Observatory
Goldstone Deep Space Center
San Diego Microwave Group
50 MHz and Up Group
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
National Radio Astronomy Laboratory
ARRL National EME Contest
McGraw Hill Publishing
Four Days in May, FDIM
Maker-fare San Mateo, Not your Grandpa’s Ham Radio
Southern California DX Club
Little Print Shop QSL Cards
Agilent Field Fox

Greatest challenge to amateur radio now: Struggle to get young people to keep it going, and doing something that appeals to them. 

Excited most by: Digital Modes like FT8 allow minimalist systems to make worldwide contacts. 

Advice to new or returning hams: Join and active amateur radio club that are out doing things.

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Early W6DQ working Collins rig
BC-454 Receiver
Drake TR-4C HF Transceiver
Collins 75S-3 Receiver

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