Episode 270 – Frank Howell – K4FMH

Frank Howell, K4FMH, has a love for radio and electronics that goes back over 60 years, but is only now a recent licensee.  Frank serves as the ARRL Assistant Director of the Delta Division, and avid ham radio journalist, and podcaster. He makes a great case for recruiting retired people into the hobby by the energy, volunteerism, and technical devotion that he discusses in this QSO Today.

Website: K4FMH.com
Time: It’s Importance to Ham Radio , by Frank Howell, K4FMH
Frank is ARRL Assistant Director of Delta Division

First License:  2010, age 58, KJ4QJZ



Dan Rather, CBS News
Judge William A. Bootle, New Orleans – legal desegregation
Howard Mickel, WB2ITX, ARRL CEO
Mike Holmes, WB4MWU
Tom Rauch W8JI
Leo Bodner, UK
Spiro Agnew, former Vice President in Nixon Administration
Tom Medland, W5KUB

National Engineering Exam
White Flight Academies
Antenna Horizontal loop
Cushcraft D4 antenna
Wellbrook 1530 loop antenna
Japanese Transistor radio
Transistor radio earphone
Aircore loop antenna
RCA Shortwave receiver with green eye tube display
Magic eye tube display
“Those mush mouths, SSB operators”
Short Wave listener
International Radio Club of America
Ferrite core loop
Faraday shield
Civil rights movement
Social Justice
Vietnam War
Georgia College Journalism School
Moon Shoes
WXJC FM Station, now WGUR
WTVS Campus Radio Station
WGUR campus radio station
Mississippi State University
Senior Policy Analyst
WLS Chicago radio station
Peak earning potential
Empty nest years
Bowling Alone, By Robert Putnam
“People don’t cotton to that”
L-DxPedition – announced operations
Emory University
Georgia Tech Ham Radio Club
Barnett Reservoir
Crystal radio
Experimental design philosophy of science
Drake equation 
HP 8640B Signal Generator
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
ICQ Podcast 
QSO Radio Show, Ted Randall
Huntsville Hamfest
Homebrew Heroes Award
Magnolia Intertie of linked repeaters

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:  “Hardening of the categories” – real hams do…

Excited most by: Building stuff on the workbench
Martin Jue,  MFJ Electronics

Advice to new or returning hams:  Know what you like, don’t let someone turn you off. ​

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