Episode 271 – richard Factor – WA2IKL

Richard Factor, WA2IKL, joined the amateur radio ranks 60 years ago, and was inspired by the technology dreams of the popular science fiction writers of that era.  His interest in radio, electronics, and science led WA2IKL to establish his own technology business, now fifty years old. WA2IKL tells his ham radio story and how he uses is Toyota Prius as a backup power supply for his house.

WA2IKL Links: 
Richard’s company:  Eventide.com
PriUPS relational puzzle with three answers
Toyota Prius as a UPS
Richard’s “RIKL” Blog 
Rikl Blog Man with the telepath hat
Richard’s future website: Askafossile.com

First License: Age 13, 1959

Favorite operating mode:  CW, some SSB

QTH: Sedona, Arizona and New York City

First Station: 
Eico 720 Transmitter
Hammarlund  HQ-170 receiver

Current Rig: 
4 Element Steppr Yagi
Kenwood TS-990 transceiver

Arthur Clark, science fiction author
Tom Corbet Space Cadet, by Carey Rockwell
Tom Swift Adventures, By Victor Appleton
Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A Heinlein
Books by Robert Heinlein

Lead pencils 
Carbon arc with led pencils
W1MYM Summer Camp Station
Radio Moscow
Crystal radio set
Lone Ranger radio show
Geosynchronous Orbits
“Grok” from Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land
1st Class FCC License
WABC New York
Vacation Relief Broadcast Engineer 
USS Pueblo Ship, Vietnam War
Spectrum analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer Beauty Contest blog entry
Federal Scientific Spectrum Analyzers
Ampex Audio Division
Audio delay line
Pitchangers audio Eventide
Eventide Audio Flangers
Eventide Audio Dynamic Effects
Sedona, Arizona Tower Regulations
Analog RTTY Demodulator
Model 26 teletype
“In the Zone”
North Korea, P5
5 Band DXCC
Moon Voyage Pan Am
Wall Street Journal
Periodic Table of Elements
Roundup by Monsanto
“The Dose Makes the Poison”
Malathion – for mosquitoes
Spraying for mosquitoes in Los Angeles
US National Debt 
SETI – search for exterrestrial intelligence
Superconducting Super Collider
The SETI League
Merchant Marine Exam
Maker Faire 
Gearclub Podcast Episode 4,5,6

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: Relevance

Excited most by: Thrilled that digital modes can create reliable communication

Advice to new or returning hams:  Find something that interests you.   Keep away from neighbors. Start a company that involves communications. 

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Eico 720 Novice Transmitter
Hammarlund HQ-170 Receiver
Kenwood TS-990 HF Transceiver
Eventide H7600 Two Channel Effects Processor

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