Episode 273 – Steve Adler – VK5SFA

Steve Adler, VK5SFA, is a lifelong lover of radio and electronics, worked in the broadcast industry, and has recently retired.  Steve developed a skill set and relationships that helped him to create a 160 and 80 meter magnetic loop antenna that won him first prize in the 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition.  The process of building this antenna and its documentation is representative of VK5SFA’s dedication and attention to all of his previous ham radio projects that he mentions in this QSO Today.

Steve Adler, VK5SFA Links:  
You-Tube Channel
VK5SFA Home Page

QTH: Adialde, South Australia,

First License:  1976, Novice VK3VGK 
Extra Class upgrade 3 months later

Favorite operating mode:  everything along the way, but CW in the end.

Max Dalton, VK3DF
Graham Scott, VK3ZR
Leigh Turner, VK5KLT
Paul Lawson, VK5SL
Trevor,  VK5YFR
Neil Abrahams  VK5KA, chief engineer of Codan Communications

Grant Willis, VK5GR 
Andy Hall, VK5AKH
Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Leigh Turner, VK5KLT, magnetic loop 


First Rig: KW2000A English Transceiver

Current Rig: 
FlexRadio Flex 6600 HF transceiver
Acom 1000 amplifier
3 Element SteppIR antenna

Crystal set
Rotary dial telephone 
Science Fair 50 in 1 Electronics Lab
CB 27Mhz Australia
“On the Oval” Australian Expression 
Apprentice for electronic trade school.  
Australian Amateur Radio Licenses
Codan Communications HF Radios
Transformer ferrite cores
FOXFM Melbourne 
DMG Radio British Radio 
Southern Cross Stereo, Australia
Kingdom of Tonga,  A35JT DXpedition
Inverted L for 160/80, based on folded monopole.
Binocular transformers
Foursquare array antenna 30 meters
HF Hex Beam
LFA beam antenna for Six meters
Carnet tax tariffs
QST Antenna Design Competition for you “High Power  160/80 meter Transmitting Magnetic Loop antenna”, by Steve Adler, VK5SFA
Magnetic loop HF antenna
NEC4 antenna modeling
Cubic Spline
Brady Bunch
Australia Amateur Radio Foundation license
Radio Foxhunting

Greatest challenge:  Pressure for our spectrum from competing interests. Use or lose it. Man Made noise and our declining numbers. 

Excited most by:  Digital modes that work into low signal to noise.  Digital techniques that do analog things in a digital way. 

Advice to new or returning hams:  Join a radio club that is really progressive that are welcoming and inclusive. 

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VK5SFA 160 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna
KW Electronics KW-2000A HF Transceiver
Flex Radio Flex-6600 HF Transceiver
Acom 1000HF Amplifier

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