Episode 275 – Bob Logan – NZ5A

 Bob Logan, NZ5A, enjoys the simple pleasures of exploring new modes as well as mastering old modes, as well as ultra-low frequency bands.  Bob is a collector and restorer of old ham radio gear and old broadcast radios. Bob reminds us that we hams are  a community, who like to share what we learn in our fine hobby with others.

Hometown: Hebronville, TX

First License: 1962, Age 14, WN5CIY

NZ5A says: “QRP Operation makes a better operator”

First Field Day Article:  QST website in 2011 

Favorite operating mode:  CW

Lessons from first field day:  Be enthusiastic about operations and know how to hook stuff up

Most challenging home-brew project: multi-band QRP rig

How to be successful on ultra-low frequencies:

  • Use beacons
  • Learn how to listen
  • Recognize CW in the noise
  • Vertical antennas for transmit and receive
  • First contact: Butch, WN5ESE


First rig:

Current Rig: 

811A RF  Amplifier
National NC-173 receiver
AK47 SA85 receiver
Heathkit HX11 Transmitter
Ten-Tec Argonaut 509 HF transceiver
National NC183D Receiver 
Collins 32S1 Transmitter
Drake T4XC Transmitter

John Collins
Mr. Ford

Texas Longhorn, University of Texas, Football
Big Ben New Years Eve chime
Zenith green table radio
120 Bass Piano Accordion
Sputnik Russian Satellite
Texas A&M, BSEE
University of Texas, Austin
MS Library Science
Corpus Christi Amateur Radio Club
J38 Telegraph Key
Maritime Mobile Service Net
August QST cover plaque Award for your article, Optimizing Propagation on 630 and 2200 meters.  
FlexRadio Flex 1500 
W4SZE Beacon
A Kinda, Sorta Inverted L antenna
VOM – volt ohm meter 
Signal Generator 
Atwater Kent consumer radios
Amateur Radio Code of Conduct – The amateur is balanced

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: Retaining the original culture and purpose of amateur radio, and fragmentation of hams into special interest groups that might loose community

Most excited by:

Advice to new or returning hams: Perfection is the enemy of good, just get on the air. 

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Heathkit AR3 Receiver
Drake “C” line
NZ5A Operating Position
NZ5A QRP Homebrew Transceivers

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