RF-KIT Power Amplifiers RF2K-S

RF-KIT Power Amplifier RF2K-S – THE Solid State 1,500 watt linear amplifier DX Engineering exclusive! Both kit and assembled versions offer exactly the same ground-breaking features that are pushing the envelope of present-day linear amplifier designs. Full legal limit capabilities across all bands, 160 through 6 meters, and updated speed controlled low noise fans and pin diode T/R switching for extra quiet operation, the RF2K-S is certain to be an absolute operating pleasure for hams around the world. The on-board whisper quiet switching power supply supports operation on mains from 90 to 290 Vac. With a nominal RF input of 55 watts, this amplifier achieves 800 watts output running on 110 – 120 Vac and 1,500 watts out running on 230 – 240 Vac.

Dual LDMOS devices, rated for 3,400 Watts total power, are handled cleanly by super-fast pin diode RF switching, supporting flawless QSK CW. Enjoy hands-free RF-sense automatic band changing and the internal automatic antenna tuner with unlimited memories. You really don’t need to touch the RF-KIT RF2K-S because it is fully remote controllable via PC USB, LAN Ethernet and even by Wi-Fi. It supports control by programs of virtually any platform or operating system. But, you will be compelled to use the gorgeous 7 in. color touch screen of this amplifier, with multiple user selectable displays. Or, simply view the identical real-time status, power, SWR and temperature information on your PC, laptop or mobile device screen. One RF input and four antenna outputs on the rear panel are selectable remotely or by touch screen.

Enhanced with a pre-distortion output for equipped transceivers, excellent signal quality and presence is the hallmark of RF-KIT Power Amplifiers. Equipped for very “silent” operation in the shack, the RF2K-S ushers in a new era of linear amplifier excellence.

See the specs and features list at the “More Detail” link below.

Estimated arrival is Fall 2019 – the RF2K-S kit version, which YOU can build, may be backordered immediately with no charges until it is ready to ship. The fully assembled version will be available for order only after FCC certification has been completed. Join the drive to modern, quiet, tubeless legal limit RF with an RF2K-S RF-KIT Power Amplifier available exclusively in North America from DX Engineering.



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