Episode 276 – Kate Hutton – K6HTN

Kate Hutton, K6HTN, a retired Seismologist at CalTech in Pasadena, California, discovered CW, CWOPS, and passing traffic through the National Traffic System. Kate would agree  that amateur radio is a great way to spend time and that getting on the air with NTS is the best way to hone operating skills and to be ready for the next natural disaster. 

Icom support of Youngsters on the Air, YOTA

First Licensed
(Technician, followed by General) in 2009 after 1st California ShakeOut earthquake drill, Extra in 2010.

First Rig: 

Yaesu  FT-897 All mode HF, VHF, UHF transceiver 

Current rig: 

Favorite operating mode: CW 

Tom Clark K3IO – graduate school advisor, tried hard to get us all interested, but no time, etc.
Allen Wolff KC7O – helped with getting me on HF
Dave Billitch KI6BHB – NTS
Bill Myers K6IFF SK – NTS
Rob Griffin K6YR – NTS

John Glenn, Astronaut
Chang Kei Shek
Jim Wades, WB8SIW, editor of QNI


Voice of America
Pennsylvania State University
University of Maryland, Astronomy
Earthquake Prediction Methods
JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory,  Pasadena
CalTech, Department of Seismology
California earthquake early warning system 
First California Shakeout Drill 2008
CalTech Amateur Radio Club
Pasadena Amateur Radio Club
ARRL Operating Manual
NTS- National Traffic System
NTS Message Form
WinLink has NTS Forms
NTS Service Messages
ICS213 Form
Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria 2017
DCS Disaster Communications Services
RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
PAPA System Repeaters
QNI – The NTS Newsletter 
QN codes are from the National Traffic System
ARRL – American Radio Relay League
CW Academy – CWOPS
CWOPS – coming up on 10 years
Summits on the Air or SOTA

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:
  New hams getting their technician license who are not active and never get on the air. 

Most excited by:
Where will traffic handling will go. 

Advice to new or returning hams:
 Get on the air. Go to your ham radio club and get an Elmer. 

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Yaesu FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver
Elecraft P3 Pan Adapter

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