Episode 277 – Clark Stewart – W8TN

Clark Stewart, W8TN, started in amateur radio over 55 years ago, has worked every country but North Korea. He began working EME or moon bounce on two and six meters years ago making CW contacts.  Clark is the consummate amateur radio mentor and was awarded the outstanding West Virginia Amateur of the Year in 2015. W8TN is my QSO Today.

Icom support of Youngsters on the Air, YOTA

W8TN Web Pages
W8TN Ramblings
W8TN You-Tube

First License: Age 16 Novice WN8OQJ, later 
Advanced WA8UUY
Extra W8TN

First Rig: 
Havey Wells R9A 
1625 CW Transmitter
Heathkit DX60 Borrowed
Drake 2B Receiver
Eico 720 Transmitter
Eico 730 Modulator

Current Rig 

Elecraft K3S Transceiver
Elecraft KPA 1500

Transistor Radio Lincoln 14 Transistor
Chu Broadcast Station In French
Knight Kit Spanmaster Radio Kit
Philmont Boy Scout Ranch
HCJB Voice Of The Andes
Boy Scouts Of America
Morse Code
County Hunters SSB Net On 20 Meters
Thermon Elkes, WA8AUW 
First Class Radiotelephone License
RL Drake Company Owned A TV Station
Drake B Line
500C Transmitting Tube
LOTW – Log Book Of The World
Heathkit HW-16 
FT8 Digital Mode
EME Or Moonbounce on 2 and 6 Meters.  
WSJT Digital Mode For Eme
QSO Today Episode 211, Justin, G0KSC
Henry Radio 2m Amplifier
Small Station EME
MoonSked software, Gm4jjj
Meteor Scatter
Meteor Ionized Gas Trails
Meteor Shower
Ping Jockey For Meteor Scatter
Percieds Meteors
FO0XX Clipperton Dxpedition 2012
Rusty Epps, W6OAT
Swains Island Dxpedition
CW Skimmer
VNA – Vector Network Analyzer 
Antenna Analyzer
S1 Parameters
W8TN Study Of Coaxial Cables For Use With Your Eme System
Belden Cable RG8
M&P Cable Italy
W8TN West Virginia Outstanding Amateur Of The Year Award
ARRL Triple Play Award
Beverage Antenna
Cross Polarized VHF Antenna for EME
MAP65 Software 
 QSO Today Episode 59, Lance Collester, W7GJ
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, et al.

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio: The world is so busy, lack of time

Excited most by: The explosion of digital modes

Advice to new or returning hams:  Read, read and speak with other hams that are doing what you want to do; then make a plan. 

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Harvey Wells R9A Receiver
Drake 2B GC Receiver
Eico 720 CW Transmitter
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver

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