Ham radio nets activated for Typhoon Kammuri

ARU-R1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator Greg Mossop G0DUB reports information received from Dani YB2TJV about Typhoon Kammuri which is affecting the Philippines.

“Due to Kammuri Typhoone that was close to the Philippine , please be informed to keep clear on 3 (three) frequencies below;
7.110 MHz – as CoA EmComm IARU Region 3, is being used by The Samar-Leyte hams doing Emcomm
7.090 MHz – used in DU3 for traffic concerning the evac of scouts attending the national jamboree in Zambales
7.095 MHz – as HERO Net used nationally by Hams in the Philippines”

RAYNET-HF https://raynet-hf.net/

SOURCE: http://www.southgatearc.org/



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