Episode 279 – Bob Dixon – W8ERD

Bob Dixon, W8ERD, retired after 49 years as an Ohio State University radio astronomer working on SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and supporting the electronic and communication needs of the University.  Now Bob is a key member of the Delaware Amateur Radio Club’s deployment of a radio mesh network to support the club’s ARES organization.

Icom supports YOTA – Youth on the Air

Introduction to Mesh Networks video by Bob Dixon, W8ERD

A One Person, Safe, Portable and Easy to Erect Antenna Mast,  by Bob Dixon, W8ERD, QST Magazine, June 2011

Hometown: Madison, WI

First ham radio mentor: Elizabeth Love, Geometry Teacher
First license: Novice, 1955, age 16, W9OKN, later upgraded
Moved to “8 land” – W8ERD

First Rig:
World Radio Globe Chief 90 Transmitter
Hallicrafters SX-99 Receiver 

Current Rig: 
Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver 
Ten-Tec Titan amp
Antenna tuner
STEPPIR antenna

Favorite operating mode: CW 

University of Wisconsin, BSEE,  MSEE
Ohio State University, Phd EE


ARRL Field Day 
Ohio State University Radio Club
North Korea P5 DX Entity
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
SETI – search for exterrestrial intelligence
The SETI Wow! Signal  
Ohio State University Big Ear Radio Telescope
Argus Radio Telescope Argus
Society Of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Delaware Amateur Radio Association
Asterisk Telephone System on Raspberry Pi
Ubiquiti routers
ARDEN Mesh Networking
Dayton Hamvention 
Hamware Antenna Tuner, Germany
Boy Scouts of America
JOTA – Jamboree On The Air
John D Kraus Memorial Amateur Radio Club
John D Kraus
Corner Reflector Antenna 
W8JK Beam Antenna
IBM 1620 computer
IBM 360 computer
Fortran Programming Language
ARRL Teachers Institute
FCC Database
Allan Severson Memorial  Award in 2016
Ohio Argus Array

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: 
Hams are all getting old

Excited most by: 
New digital modes like FT-8 and JS8CALL

Advice would to new or returning hams:  
Join a local club

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World Radio Globe Chief Transmitter
Hallicrafters SX-99 Receiver
Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver
Ten-Tec Titian Amplifier

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