Episode 280 – Fred kemmerer – AB1OC

Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, had a love for radio and electronics as a boy growing up, leading to a career as an electronic engineer at ATT.  It was not until much later in Fred’s life that he officially joined the amateur ranks. Along with his wife Antia, AB1QB, the Kemmerers have turned their passion for radio into building up the number of active amateurs in the Nashua Area Radio Society, making it the Dayton Hamvention’s radio club of the year in 2019.  Fred speaks of failing fast to move on to success in amateur radio and in life in this QSO Today.

Icom supports YOTA – Youth on the Air

XYL:  Anita, AB1QB, also electrical engineer

Member Spotlight – Fred, AB1OC

Fred’s Blog on Amateur Radio Station Building

Fred’s advice to build your radio club numbers, “Put young people and new hams first”. 

Best skill to have “How to fail fast” in a startup

Top 3 things kids love in amateur radio:

  1. Fox Hunting
  2. Morse Code
  3. Digital Modes

First Mentor: Uncle Leonard

First License: 2010, Tech/General/Extra  AB1OC

Penn State University, BSEE
Purdue University, MSEE

First Rig:  
Palstar Antenna Tuner
Artificial Ground Tuner
Icom IC 7000 HF Transceiver 
Rain Gutter Antenna
Buddipole Antenna System

Scott Anderson, NE1RD, QSO Today Guest Episode 26

SWL – ShortWave Listener
Crystal Radio Set
Single Tube Regenerative Receiver
ATT Bell Labs
2nd Generation Cellular Telephony
Cellular Telephone Expandable Linear Amplifier
TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access
5G Cellular
LEO Satellites
FCC Technical Advisory Council
FCC Interference Mitigation
Spread Spectrum Technology
FCC Part 15
ARRL Official Observer Program
FCC Field Office
ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications
Bora Bora 
Kemmerer vacation and portable operation in Bora Bora, FOAB1OC/FOAB1QC
WAS – Worked All States
SO2R – Single Operator Two Radio
Matt Strelow, KC1XX – contester
SteppIR Yagi Antenna
Microham Contesting System Automation
Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon Project
GoPro Camera
ARRIS – Amateur Radio On The International Space Station
ARRIS Crew Contact
ARRL Field Day
Nashua Area Radio Society
NARS – Tech Night Program

Engineers create something out of nothing from what’s in your mind”

Most excited by: Working with young people, becoming an ARRIS Mentor, station building, and contests

Advice to new or returning hams: Work with young people, and try something new

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Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner
Icom IC-7000 HF Transceiver

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