New 70-Centimeter Tropo Contact Record Claimed

Tropospheric propagation is being credited with enabling a 70-centimeter contact between the Cape Verde islands and Scotland that may be a new world record. Exceptional tropo conditions over the eastern part of the North Atlantic this past weekend allowed many stations in the UK and Ireland to make contacts with the Monteverde Contest Team Club, D41CV, on the Cape Verde islands on 2 meters, but the conditions extended to 70 centimeters.

At 1109 UTC on Saturday, December 28, Ian White, GM3SEK, in southwestern Scotland completed an FT8 contact with D41CV on 432 MHz, staking a claim on the IARU Region 1 tropo record at 4,562 kilometers (2,828 miles), which may also be a new world record. A couple of hours earlier, Mark Turner, EI3KD, worked D41CV on FT8 over a distance of 4,163 kilometers (2,581 miles).





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