Episode 284 – Michael Murphy – WU2D

Michael, Mike, Murphy, WU2D, separates his professional and his personal radio and electronics life by building, using, and working with vintage radios made no later than the early 1960s.  As a collector and builder of old time and military surplus radios, Mike is convinced that the magic of radio is at the fingertips of any operator who has a love and fascination with early equipment.  Mike is a prolific writer and contributor to Electric Radio magazine, QST, and may vintage radio forums.

Mike’s channels:

Hometown: Canton, NY  
QTH: Manchester, NH 
First Mentor: Ed Kranski, NR2B
First License: 1973, Age 15 Novice

Walter G. Jung, Books by
Barrie Gilbert, Analog Devices
Paul Brokaw, IC Temperature Stability
Chuck Kitchen, N1TEV
Doug Grant, K1DG
John Dorr,  K1AR
Spencer Webb,  W2SW

Mike’s Restoration Resources: 
Fair Radios Sales Co.  
Murphy’s Surplus  
Antique Radio Supply   
Dan’s Small parts and Kits 
Moyers Electronics  
A1 Parts 
Army Radio Sales 
Old Radio Parts  
Communications Concepts  
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Surplus Gizmos

Heathkit TX-1 Apache Transmitter
Heathkit HX-10 Marauder
Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver
ARC5 Transmitter 80 meters 
6DQ6 Transmitter 15 meters our of ARRL Handbook
Sherman Tank – VC652 Military Receiver
Realistic DX150 GC Receiver
Heathkit Marauder HX-10 Transmitter
Helical Vertical Antenna on a bamboo pole 80 Meters
BC348 Receiver
Heathkit DX40 Transmitter
Heathkit HR10B Receiver
Landcaster R-1155  Bomber Receiver
Collins R390 Receiver
Collins 51J3 Receiver
Collins 51J4 Receiver

St. Lawrence University, Canton NY
Alfred E. Morgan, First Books for Boys 
NY Phone Traffic Handling Net
Bay of Pigs
RIT – Rochester Institute of Technology
Motorola Specials Group – Systems
Electric Radio Magazine
OMRN – Old Military Radio Net
QST Magazine
Analog Devices Company
Gilbert Cell Mixer
Less was more, 
Antique Wireless Association
Bruce Kelly Memorial CW QSO Contest
Mizner Transmitter – needs reference
MOPA transmitter
Regenerative Receivers
Hartley Oscillator
Retro QRP – simple equipment from Novice stations of the 1950s
Sideswiper CW Key
National NCX3 SSB Transceiver 
Push-Pull Class B
Modulation Transformer
Vibroplex Keyer
Curtis Keyer Kit
Paraset replica 
SOE – Special Operations Executive
Hartley Regenerative Receiver
1 Tube 6V6 Transmitter
Vibrator Power Supply
Radio Row, New York City

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:  reputation for being outdated. 

Excited most by: being able to relive Novice years by restoring old gear

Advice  to new or returning hams:  Don’t be afraid to build your Novice station again

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WU2D Novice Rig
ARC5 with Dynamotor Power Supply
WU2D ARC5 Mobile Station

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