Episode 286 – Michael Foerster – W0IH

Michael, Mike, Foerster, W0IH, loves to ragchew with his friends on 80 meters in the evening.  Mike is a frequent contributor to QST magazine including articles on finding and solving electronic noise problems  and remote control of your HF station while on the road. We also discuss his broadband adjustable 80 meter dipole in this episode of QSO Today. 

W0IH Articles Discussed: 

First License: Novice License, 18, 1968,  WN0VNH
Hometown: Luverne, MN
Favorite mode:  Ragchew SSB

Tom, KA0MLO  
Carl Nash, K0QKN
Jim Mitchell,  W0MXQ

Knight Kit Star Roamer
First rig: Heathkit HW16 Novice Transceiver
Icom IC-701 HF Transceiver
Current Rig: 

Heathkit HW-100 HF Transceiver
Heathkit HW-101 HF Transceiver
Heathkit SB-101 HF Transceiver
Heathkit SB-221 Amplifier
Yaesu Ft-100 Transceiver
Yaesu FT1-D Portable Radio
Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver

Shortwave Listening
48 Foot HDBX Tower
Hy-Gain TH11 DX Beam
HyGain AV-18HT Hy-Tower
Software Testing
Process Control System
QEX Magazine
Low Pass Filter
Arduinio Mega
Skype Audio for Amateur Radio Remote Control
Team Viewer,  Eric prefers AnyDesk.com
BCD Data Output
Remote Hams
ZS6BKW HF Antenna
Tarheel Mobile Antenna
RigPi, Sold By MFJ, For Remote Control.  
Winona Amateur Radio Club
Minnesota QSO Party
ARRL Field Day
Ride The Ridges Bike Ride, Winona, MN
Automatic Packet Reporting  System – APRS 
Trinona – Triathalon, Winona, MN 
Yaesu Fusion
“In The Zone”
VXI Blue Parrot Headset
Yaesu FT991A Transceiver
Moon Bounce EME 

Greatest Challenge Facing Amateur Radio Now. Getting new hams into our ranks and getting them started. 

Excited most by: Digital Modes and Remote Control.  

Advice To New Or Returning Hams: Find something that you think you would like and pursue it. 

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Heathkit HW-16 Novice Transceiver
Icom IC-701 HF Transceiver
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver
Heathkit HW-101

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