RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR and FM

RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR and FM

This is the device that you have been waiting for!

The RFinder B1 is now available for pre-order.  Imagine a dual band DMR/FM handheld that NEVER needs a code plug! No programming, ever! Uses your GPS position to find the repeaters in your area, anywhere on Earth! These have been in use since early summer and what a blast…it just works…

True 4 watts, a new more sensitive receiver in a completely redesigned RF module.

This is a full Android Cellphone/DMR Radio…carry one device, have the world at your fingertips.  A true thing of beauty. WiFi, NFC, GSM, LTE (yes, Verizon, TMobile and ATT and their MVNO’s as well as CA, SA, EU, Oceana and Asian carriers)…and of course 136-174/400-470MHZ DMR/FMW/FMN.





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