ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Comments on Recommendations

The ARRL HF Band Planning Committee is seeking comments and suggestions from the Amateur Radio community on its report to the ARRL Board. At the Board’s January meeting, the committee presented its specific recommendations in graphical form for each HF band and each US license class, with the goal of increasing harmony on the HF bands, particularly between CW and digital users.

“In general, the …

One comment to “ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Comments on Recommendations”
  1. I think it’s past time to section off the 160 meter band.. The rest of the bands keeps CW in it’s allocation and SSB in it’s allocation. During SSB contests, operators working the contest, have NO consideration for the operators using said frequencies. This band is 200 mhz. Think about making 1800 to 1860 CW and Digital.. That gives the phone contesters 140 mhz. to rag chew and contest.

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