CobWeb Aerial by M0PZT

The CobWeb offers the following features :

  •  20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m operation
  • Compact and easy to handle – Around 8ft square
  • Doesn’t have to be too high – Reasonable performance at 10ft, with 20ft being the ideal
  • Can be made with either figure-of-8 speaker wire (folded-dipole) or single-wires and 1:4 balun (for impedance matching)
  • Can be constructed with PVC tube or fibreglass poles
  • Possibility of being used portable if built right – perhaps with a tripod speaker stand?
  • Parts required :
    • Aluminium Plate : 200x100mm *
    • Aluminium Plate : 150x100mm *
    • 3x 1″ 16swg Aluminium Tube, 1m length *
      You can use fibreglass throughout, if the wall-thickness is sufficient
    • 2x 20mm PVC Conduit, 3m length – fine for prototype, but fibreglass is better!
    • 8x 1″ Stauff Element Claps *
    • 2x V-bolts *
    • 1.6mm (or whatever you have) Wire – total usage is about 38m.
    • 2x FT140-61 (or FT240-61 for QRO) Ferrite toroids – from Ham Goodies
    • 4x 600mm of RG316 Coax (Ham Goodies), or, for 100w MAX: RG174 will be fine
      1x Waterproof Enclosure (min size: 120x85x55mm)
    • Selection of nuts/bolts – ensure they are stainless-steel!

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