The NEW DELUXE version of the HexTenna™ by Alpha Antenna® is a legal limit and full size portable VHF/UHF/HF system for 2 to 40 meters, 220MHz, & 440MHz.

Description – The whips for the HexTenna Deluxe™ are telescopic, so as to enable you to adjust the whips/counterpoise and make the HexTenna Deluxe™ resonate as close as possible for the band you are using. This antenna is a HF/VHF Dipole and HF/VHF/UHF Vertical, which is also configurable as a HF/VHF Yagi beam by using multiple HexTenna Deluxe™ systems. This is a full-sized high performance antenna system, not a not a ‘no tune all-band antenna’. For example, when deployed for 20 meters, it has two self supporting telescopic whips that have a total deployed length of about 34 feet.

• Power: Full legal limit
• RF Connection: SO-239
• Frequency: 2 – 40 Meters, plus 220MHz, & 440MHz

2 – 5.41 meter (17′ 9″) telescopic stainless steel whips (laser engraved with “Alpha Antenna”)
1 – Carbon Fiber infused HexTenna™ hub
2 – 30/40 meter wire clip-on elements (one set)
1 – HD Tripod
1 – HD Expedition Bag
1 – 31′ Counterpoise

Analysis of the Alpha Hextenna™

Download the Scans for the AntScope application: Download Scans here

Gain of the HexTenna Yagi at 5 1/2 feet more is shown in this document. That gain more than doubles when placed higher.
Download the gain document for the HexTenna HERE





Digital Modes


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