Hi-Z Antennas Shack Switch 2 SS2

Hi-Z Antennas Shack Switch 2 is a modern array direction selection console with an easy to use, large manually operated knob with a continuous rotation encoder that is pushed for menu access. An attractive luminescent blue, high-contrast alpha-numeric OLED provides an easy-to-read directional and menu display. This attractive console is designed to operate the Phase Controllers of directional receive vertical antenna arrays. It is easily configured to control 2, 3, 4, and 8-element Hi-Z receive array systems. The Shack Switch 2 is a complete digital replacement for all standard LED-type Hi-Z Shack Switches.

When computer control* isn’t needed, you will enjoy using this handsome Hi-Z SS2 manual control console. Built into a compact black plastic housing with a textured matte finish and non-skid feet, this control console also features a special front panel rotary encoder switch which allows the user to manually select the array azimuth direction, if desired, in addition to a variety of device and display functions. The customizable front panel readout can be set to display either standard or numerical compass directional indications. Eight optically isolated FET controlled sink connections (switched to ground) are available for the Hi-Z array control cable. The +13.8 Vdc is required only at the Phase Controller relay unit. The display portion of this SS2 unit runs on 5 Vdc which may be supplied to the rear panel micro-USB B connector by any USB connected PC or standard smart phone or tablet charger.
*(Remote control via Local PC USB is available on the higher cost model HIZ- SS2-PLUS)

Hi-Z Antennas Shack Switch 2 Manual Selector features:
• Works with any Hi-Z Receiving Array – array type selected by rotary knob push which accesses a very intuitive menu system
• 360 degree clockwise or counter-clockwise continuous direction knob with NO STOPS
• Clear 0.96 inch diagonal video type display with blue and yellow readout
• Adjustable display screen brightness and automatic screen saver to extend the life of the display
• Azimuth can read out in degrees or up to eight compass directions such as N, NE, E, and SE, etc.
• Programmable offset for array elements installations that differ from the compass directions
• Readout displays which Hi-Z Array is selected and both Requested and Actual array direction
• Display information configuration of items remains stored while power is off
• Scan mode that steps through all directions locally
• Features a FLIP mode for 180 degree Front to back type observations
• Readout displays status for all 6 relays: 0=off, 1=on
• 6 Optically-isolated outputs available (Each uses an FET switch to isolated ground)
• Isolated switch side requires 13.8 VDC for array from shack supply
• Unused outputs can be switched on and off locally
• Convenient rear panel screw terminals for control lines and array power.
• Control line connections protected against over voltage or reverse voltage with MOVs+
• Two relay test modes with serial walking outputs or all selectable outputs
• USB voltmeter mode to test the USB cable and accessory 5 Vdc power supply
• Display and processor are operated with 5Vdc USB power via rear panel Micro USB B connection
• Uses commonly available charging cable from mobile devices

The versatile Hi-Z Antennas Shack Switch 2 is ready for you to upgrade an existing system or to enhance the manual control of any array of your own design. Order the Hi-Z Antennas Shack Switch 2 from DX Engineering; it’s the right manual Array control console for your shack!

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