7el 144-145MHz Yagi OWL-Ultra Super low noise Yagi

7el 144-145MHz Yagi OWL-Ultra Super low noise Yagi

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 3.1000M
Product Widtg: 1.0340M
Product Weight: 1.7000KG
Product Packaging: 2.0000KG
Sales price£154.95

Fully customisable design – what you want, we will make

If you require a larger diameter boom, rear mount, X-pol, a variation in frequency coverage or other variation, contact sales@innovantennas.com detailing your requirement for a custom quote.

The very latest G0KSC desgins

The G0KSC OWL Ultra is another fantastic design by G0KSC. A low impedance Yagi provides excellent performance. However, traditionally, low impedance has meant narrow bandwidth.

G0KSC developed the OWL (Optimised Wideband Low impedance Yagi) with a folded dipole driven element which this has increased the feed point from 12.5Ω impedance to 50Ω. This along with careful, long duration computer optimisation hasresulted in a much wider bandwidth than previously seen in native low impedance Yagis.

THE Low Noise Yagi dubbed the ‘Urban Yagi’

The super low noise characteristics of the OWL Ultra mean you can HEAR as well as be heard in today’s modern and very noisy city environments. If you want the very best option for minimal nosie pick-up in Urban and city locations, the OWL Ultra is for you.

Best in Class performance in terms of G/T

All of the InnovAntennas OWL and LFA models for 2020 show better G/T (Gain over Temperature, an antennas ability to recieve weak signals) than any traditional dipole fed Yagi of the same or smaller size. Check the VE7BQH list for



Digital Modes

App – Mobile


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