Check out the Radio Analog IC-7300 interface module

t last! A large screen panadapter for your IC-7300!

Radio Analog PTRX-7300 IF Interface Modules provide an innovative method to sample filtered receive and transmit IF signals from the IC-7300 for your SDR receiver spectrum scope display. And this well-designed module does it all without soldering, without signal loss and with no disruption to the transceiver’s proper function.

This impedance matched and buffered PTRX-7300 IF Interface Module easily installs inside of your IC-7300 transceiver. A high-quality circuit board and aluminum header replaces the 4-pin Tuner port and adds an IF connector for your SDR receiver. This modification is not permanent and it can be reversed if desired.

DX Engineering offers the DX Patrol MKIV SDR Receiver to use as the Radio Analog PTRX-7300 panadapter companion for your PC, laptop, MAC or mobile device. Operating system support for your SDR receiver depends on the freeware that you choose to download, which is not supplied with either of these devices.

Why would you want to install a panadapter device for a radio that has one? Simply because the small screen IC-7300 doesn’t have an external display output. With the PTRX-7300, your SDR receiver can put the IC-7300 transceiver’s own signals onto a much larger screen. You can even sync the tuning of SDR to the IC-7300 with third-party software and rig control.

Join the modern age of large spectrum displays with your SDR and IC-7300. Expand the capabilities of your IC-7300 with an exciting Radio Analog PTRX-7300 IF Interface Module, available exclusively in North America from DX Engineering!




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