Fire at the Belize Amateur Radio Club – V31MA

 DXW, about the BARC Headquarter Club – Contest – Event Station * 

Marc, V31MA writes to report that, very sadly, the Belize Amateur Radio Club (V31HQ) cabin has caught fire. No one was injured, however Andre V31DL (cabin owner) lost all equipment.


Flex 6400 & Kenwood TS-480SAT

I do not have a amp, so all QSOs are made with 100 Watt or less. If you hear me I should hear you 😉


160M: 36 m vertical with 3 elevated radials 50 m each at 3m height.
80M: half wavelength sloper to tower top
60M: Bazooka
40M: three quarter wavelength sloper
80M-40M-20M-15M-10M Dipole
30M-17M-12M Dipole




Digital Modes

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