JAPAN News – 160/80m band changes

Yoshi, JG7AMD, reports that there are changes coming on 160/80m for JA operators.

He states, “On March 11th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications replied for public comments about expanding bandwidth 160m and 80m.

“The current JA’s band plan for 160m is:
1810-1825 kHz CW and 1907.5-1912.5 kHz CW and DATA

The addition will be:
1800-1810 kHz All Mode and 1825-1875 kHz All Mode Yes, All mode means not only data but phone as well. No need big split QSO with FT8 anymore. The starting date hasn’t been announced yet, but I guess before CQWW this year.”



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HF Go Bag

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