The MFJ-17754 40/20 Trapped Dipole – Review


Manufacturer’s Part Number:MFJ-17754

Part Type:Wire Antennas

Product Line:MFJ 17754 40/20M Dipole Antennas

DXE Part Number:MFJ-17754


Assembled Wire Antenna:Yes

Wire Antenna Type:Multi-band, resonant

Antenna Power Rating:1,500 W

Wire Antenna Length:42.00 ft.

Antenna Tuner Required:No

Feedline Connection Type:UHF female, SO-239

Minimum Recommended Feedpoint Height:35 ft.

Wire Gauge:14-gauge

Center Insulator Maximum Rope Size:0.375 in.

Wire Antenna Weight:2.50 lbs.

Quantity:Sold individually.

Additional Information

Wire Antenna Band Wire Antenna Frequency
40 meters 7.0 MHz
20 meters 14.0 MHz


MFJ-17754 40/20M Dipole Antennas are shortened, coaxial-fed, 42 ft. long dual-band resonant antennas. While functioning as a full-size dipole on 20-meters, it’s also an ultra-efficient end-loaded dipole on 40-meters. You may operate these dipoles at up to 1,500 watts!

Featuring a super-strong, injection-molded center insulator with a built-in SO-239 connector, these solderless, crimped, 7-strand, 14-gauge hard-copper wire antennas may be connected to your coaxial feedline directly, with no antenna tuner needed. Each side of the dipole is made resonant by a coil that presents a high impedance at 20-meters and acts as a loading coil on 40-meters. This allows the antenna to resonate on 40 meters, even though it is physically shorter than a 40-meter half-wavelength.





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