Ladder Line Surge Protector DXE-LLSP

Surge Arrestor, Ladder Line, For All Impedance Insulated Window Line and Open Wire Feeders, 2kW, Each

Manufacturer’s Part Number:DXE-LLSP

DXE Part Number:DXE-LLSP

Protector Type:Balanced Inline device

Protector Power Rating:5,000 W CW at high SWR

Protector Equipment Connector:10-32 Studs

Protector Antenna Connector:10-32 Studs

Quantity:Sold individually.

Built by popular demand, the DX Engineering Ladder Line Surge Protector is ready to be placed in line with your balanced feedline antenna system!

For many years, hams have asked us for a surge protector for use with their 300 ohm and 450 ohm ladder line fed antennas. Decades ago automotive spark plugs or arc gaps were used for shunting lightning pulses from balanced feeders to ground. But, you never really knew if they were going to work, were continuing to work or if they were affecting the tuning.

Here is the modern approach to providing surge protection for ladder line fed antennas. Made with components similar to those used in coaxial protectors, the DXE-LLSP uses much larger capacitors, resistors and gas discharge tubes on each leg of the ladder line to offer excellent surge protection capabilities at high SWR. These components are rated to handle 5 kW, so this protector will easily handle well over legal limit RF power at the high standing wave ratios expected on balanced line. Plus, the Ladder Line Surge Protector bleeds off the static charge that is collected on your antenna from wind driven sand, rain and snow!

The DXE-LLSP Ladder Line Surge Protector is built to sustain multiple minor surges. As with any surge protector, there is no guarantee that a direct hit from lightning will be stopped. A replacement parts kit is also available to refurbish your pulse damaged protector: DXE-LLSP-RP

Features of the DX Engineering Ladder Line Surge Protector:
• Standard size NEMA enclosure; 4 x 4 x 2 in. nominal box dimensions; mounting tab holes on centers: 4.625 x 2.125 in.
• Works with 450 ohm or 300 ohm Ladder Line and 600 ohm open-wire feeder
• Internal Gas Discharge Tubes, Capacitors and Resistors
• Can withstand multiple minor surges and shunts them to ground
• Bleeds off static charge collected from wind driven snow, rain and sand
• Weep holes allow any buildup of internal moisture to drain out
• Handles well over legal limit at high SWR as expected on balanced line

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