Episode 298 – Paul Taylor – VK3HN

Paul Taylor, VK3HN, loves to operate QRP, SOTA, or Summits on the Air, with his homebrew pocket-sized multi-band transceivers that he designs and builds in his home workshop.  Paul enjoys a weekly 160 meter AM net using his homebrew 200 watt solid-state AM transmitter. VK3HN is my QSO Today. 

VK3HN Blog
VK3HN Youtube Channel
VK3HN SI5351 Library
VK3HN FAT5 AM Transmitter
VK3HN Linear Modulator
VK3HN AM Transceiver 

First License: VK3NCL, Novice , 1977

First Rig: Homebrew Novice 10 watt AM Transmitter

Favorite Operating Mode:  CW QRP SOTA
VK3HN Homebrew Parts Tip: Buy two of everything

David Taylor, VK3ZDT  – Paul’s older brother
Jason Mlldrum, NT7S
Han Summers, G3UPL
Steve Weber, KD1JV QRP Kits
Peter Parker, VK3YE
Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE

Go to resources:
BitX 20 Group Forum  Groups.io
QSO Today Episode 87, Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE
UBitx HF Transceiver Kit
SDR – Software Defined Radio
Experimental Methods in RF Design, By Wes Hayward, W7ZOI

Multivibrators NE555
Crystal Set
One Transistor Radios
Wireless Institute of Australia
Learn Radio And Electronics Course Correspondence Course, Wireless Institute of Australia
Electronics Australia Magazine
807 AM Modulator
Push-Pull AM Modulator
Crystal Oscillator
SOTA – Summits On The Air
CW – Continuous Wave, Morse Code
LIPO Battery, 4AH
Link Dipole Antenna on 40, 30, 20 Meters
9 Meter Push Up Mast Fiberglass
OZQRP Kit, MST 40 Meter SSB Transceiver
SI5351 Synthesizer Signal Generator 
Superhet or Superheterodyne Receiver
Open Source Software
Yaesu FT7 HF Transceiver
Elecraft KX3 QRP Transceiver
Summit Prowess Six Transceiver
AM – Amplitude Modulation
Infinite Impedance Detector
IF Filter 455Khz Ceramic
398 Khz 
160 AM Coffee Break Group Melbourne 11:00 AM
H-Bridge Amplifier Configuration Class D
RF Power Combiner
Pulse Width Modulator
Chelsie Beach, Melbourne
Melbourne Amateur Radio Clubs
Amateur Radio Quarantine Projects
QRP By the Bay

Greatest Challenge Facing Amateur Radio Now:  Our demographic is old. 

Most Excite By: Digital opportunities, single board controllers, IoT, breakout boards

Advice To New Or Returning Hams: Find the sweet spot, and engage with the community.  Be persistent

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40 Meter SSB Transceiver
80 Meter 5 Watt CW Transceiver
40 Meter HF Transceiver using SI5351
160 Meter AM 200 Watt Transmitter

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