8J17CALL by 7-CALL Amateur Radio Club, Japan

This is 7M4VQJSatoshi from Tokyo.

I am a president of 7-CALL Amateur Radio Club (JS1YEY), Tokyo based club station organized by 7-CALL amateurs.

Firstly, I wish you and your family are all fine in this difficult time.

I am proud to inform you that JS1YEY will start 7-CALL 30th Anniversary Special station “8J17CALL” from 23rd April.

The station is especially established to cerebrate 30th Anniversary of Japanese 7-CALL issuance.

Remarkably, “8J17″ is a brand new prefix according to the WPX regulation.

For detail, please refer to the hyperlink below;

We appreciate if you could share this information through your channel.

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope to hearing from you on the air.


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