Beyond Exams resources launched by the RSGB

Beyond Exams (BE) is a group of resources brought together by the RSGB Learning Team with the aim of encouraging participation and highlighting the diversity of amateur radio. It includes awards and schemes designed to help amateur radio licence holders and clubs get the most from the hobby. Whether you are new to amateur radio, want to try a different aspect of the hobby or find a new challenge, our range of Beyond Exams resources can help.

During these challenging times of the global pandemic, Beyond Exams is an important part of our ‘Get on the air to care’ campaign in partnership with the NHS. We appreciate that in the current climate of necessary social distancing, some of the activities in the Club and Individual Schemes won’t be accessible to radio amateurs at the moment so please do follow government guidelines and only try the activities you can do safely in your own home.

You can find full details on the Beyond Exam pages of our website

In these challenging times when there are growing concerns about the effects of social isolation on people living in lockdown, “Get on the air to care” encourages the 75,000 radio amateurs across the UK—as part of the 3,000,000 worldwide—to use their radio licences to chat and support each other across the airwaves

Now, more than ever, we need to optimise all modes of communication to help reduce loneliness and isolation within communities. World Amateur Radio Day on Saturday, 18 April 2020 celebrates the innovative, amateur radio global community.

We know that many clubs and groups have set up special club nights on the air so that their members can keep in touch whilst enjoying their shared interest. We want this campaign to inspire even more to get involved.

Please help by increasing amateur radio activity through club and repeater group nets, chatting with your friends or just by calling CQ. If you’d like to show your support for the NHS at the same time, why not add “/NHS” to the end of your call sign.

Show your support

As you get involved in “Get on the air to care”, please share your photos, video clips and news with us via and also on social media using the hashtag #GOTA2C

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