New version of SmartSDR 3.1.11 for the 6000. series For PC, Master and M models.

SmartSDR v3.1.11

April 30, 2020

FlexRadio Systems has announced the release of the new version of SmartSDR 3.1.11 for the FLEX-6000 series.
For an optimal installation it is strongly recommended to consult the release notes before updating. After installing this update FlexRadio recommends not to reinstall previous versions.

The new version of SmartSDR 3.1.11 is a maintenance update containing corrections of version 3 of SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR for M models, SmartSDR CAT and DAX.

This update is free for those who have purchased the license to version 3 and paid for those who have previous versions.
The availability check of the update is carried out automatically by connecting to the radio once the new software is installed (from PC or Maestro).
If the license update is proposed, the process for updating and ordering is simple and fast. Once both the radio and the client (PC or Maestro) have internet access, simply download and start the SmartSDR version on a PC or Maestro. If the unit needs updating, in the selection screen the green “Connect” button will be yellow with the word “Upgrade” which will start the update process on the unit.
If necessary, the “Buy” button will appear, which will take you to the license purchase page. The latest version of the firmware and SmartSDR includes all the functions of the previous versions.
During the update it will be necessary to keep the internet connection .

The main changes in version 3.1.11:

  • Fixed SD card corruption issues to improve stability during read / write processes (J7741). This new version greatly improves the reliability and durability of the SD card of the FLEX-6000 models. Once this version is installed FlexRadio recommends not to reinstall an older version
  • changes to Maestro and M models login screen : improved log in screen for better visibility in Maestro and M models (# J4900)
  • corrected the frequency rounding error in the band saving form via transverter (# J7790)
  • improved the waiting screen during the installation of a new firmware : correction of the waiting screen of SmartSDR for Windows in case you try to close the application during the update (# J7482)

Specific notices about this version:

  • after the installation of Smart SDR v3.1.11 it is strongly recommended not to revert to previous versions to ensure the integrity of the SD card
  • after the installation of SmatSDR v3.1.11 it is strongly recommended not to install a previous version of SmartSDR which brings the DAXs back to a previous version due to a possible corruption of the update

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