Episode 304 – Tim Carter – W3ATB

Tim Carter, W3ATB, was the first home remodeling media personality, even before it was popular.  Tim’s ham radio journey was enhanced by his understanding that expert mentors are the best and fastest way to success in any subject, especially amateur radio.  Tim shares his interesting story in this QSO Today.

Tim Carter, W3ATB Links: 
Top 50 Remodelers, Tim Carter
Syndicated Newspaper Columnist, Tim Carter, Ask The Builder
You-Tube Channel
W3ATB Outdoor Adventures Blog

First License: 1999, 

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Mentor: Jim Cluett, W1PID

Favorite operating mode: CW – First digital mode of ham radio
CW Academy

Tim’s advice:  practice CW 15 minutes a day

Working the Boston Marathon, A Survival guide for First-time Amateur Radio Operators  

Dave Benson, K1SWL
Hans Bush, W1JSB
Steve Schwarm, W1EVE
Paul Topoloski W1SEX, Episode 177 of the QSO Today Podcast.  

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Bob Vila, This Old House
Make money with your brain, not your braun
Internet Mastermind Group
Boy Scouts of America
Morse Code
Climb to the Clouds, Mt. Washington Hill Climb
Francesco Schiavone, “Limits to creative destruction and technologies in practice, the case of ham radio”.  
“The thrill of the hunt”
Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013
New England Forest Rally
J-Pole Antenna
Scenic Railroad New Hampshire
Train Conductor
Leaf Peepers Contest
The Zombie Shuffle QRP Contest
Cookie Crumble QRP Contest
Emily, the cookie queen amateur radio
The Skeeter Hunt QRP Contest
ARRL – “when all else fails, we still can do it”
80 Meter NVIS Antenna
Bio-Enno Batteries
Psycho-demographic study
NTS – National Traffic System
QST Magazine
Covid19 Pandemic

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:  attracting young people

Excited most by: seeing what other hams are doing that make people happy

Advice to new or returning hams: get involved in a community, find a mentor with deep expertise

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