The Super Elastic Signal Stick antenna review and testing



Who is Signal Stuff?

In a world where Amateur Radio ought to be on the cutting edge of technology, far too often hams are seen as being “old school” and “behind the times”. There is no part of the hobby where this is more painfully obvious than in that of amateur radio license study and examinations.

Signal Stuff is dedicated to enhancing the use of technology in the amateur radio licensing technology. With our free website we provide software which finally gives aspiring hams and those wanting to progress in the hobby intelligent tools which actually help them cover the material faster and remember it more effectively.

With its sister site we give VE teams the software they need to be able to give exams with integrity and efficiency, whether online or using paper. (For more information about, check out our youtube walkthrough)

Unfortunately, free crusades like this are hard to fund and maintain; this website and the products it sells are what make that possible. Every single antenna we sell was assembled by hand by members of the amateur radio community.

Thanks for supporting!


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