About correspondence of amateur radio products due to revision of radio law (IC7100,IC7300,IC7610,IC7851)

With the revision of the Radio Law, amateur radio communication now allows SSB operation in the 1.9MHz band.

Since we have started the procedure to obtain the technical standard conformity certification (technical conformity) with the same number so that our amateur radio communication device (see target list) can be operated in accordance with the permit, It will be announced.

Currently, customers who have the same model and who have already designated the type and frequency of the radio wave corresponding to the permission (see license), do not apply for the change* under the Radio Law. After obtaining the proof, it is possible to operate within the scope of the license.

[List of targets]

The target products are as follows. (As of June 15, 2020)

Product name Certification number Technical status application status
IC-7100 002-130006 Preparing for application
IC-7100M 002-130007 Pending
IC-7100S 002-130010 Pending
IC-7300 002-150006 pending
IC-7300M 002-150007 Applying
IC-7300S 002-150008 Pending
IC-7610 002-170003 pending
IC-7610M 002-170012 Pending
IC-7700 002KN593 Preparing for application
IC-7700M 002KN594 Preparing for application
IC-7850 002-140007 Pending
IC-7851 002-140011 Pending
IC-9100 002KN581 Preparing for application
IC-9100M 002KN587 Applying
Note: Target products are those with the above certification numbers. Please note that some models have different certification numbers, but they are not covered.

[Customer procedures]

There is no change in the technique number, so you do not need to apply for the change application*. As soon as we complete the procedure, we can operate in compliance with the new radio law.


Until the procedure at our company is completed (acquisition of technical standard conformity certification), you cannot operate beyond the scope of the conventional license. Please refer to the link below and be sure to confirm that the procedure is completed before operating.


*If there is a change in the items specified in the license (eg, 1.9MHz band A1A→3MA), you need to apply for the change.

Source:ICOM JP


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