Episode 308 – Doug Millar – K6JEY

Doug Millar, K6JEY, grew up in Southern California, is a teacher of teachers, and like to operate EME or Moon Bounce on the sidewalk in front of his home.  Doug likes everything about ham radio and operates on a range of rigs from boat anchors to the most modern QRP, all modes in all bands.  K6JEY is my QSO Today.

XYL:  Helen KI6lQV
First Elmer: Benjamin Russell, W6NYB
First call:  Novice, KN6JEY

First Rig: 
Milan 90800 Transmitter
Hammarlund HQ-129X Receiver
Hallicrafters S20R Receiver
Johnson Viking Ranger Transmitter
“Hollywood Riviera”

Doug’s Boat Anchor Rigs: 
Collins S Line
“Driven Beast” antenna, W6KPC
Collins KW1 Transmitter
Collins 75A4 Receiver
Collins KWS-1
National HRO-60 Receiver
Signal One CX7 Transceiver

Current Rigs: 
Elecraft KX1 QRP Rig
Elecraft KX2 QRP Rig
Elecraft KX3 QRP Rig
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver
Icom IC-9700 VHF/UHF Transceiver
Frequency Stability Oscillator
Leo Bodnar GPS Disciplined Oscillator “Hold over feature”
Icom IC-9700 Disciplined Oscillator Modification
Kenwood TS-790 with transverter
Yaesu FT-817 QRP Transceiver, as a baseband rig for 10Ghz

Current Ham Test Equipment
RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer
RF Explorer Signal Generator
Ohm-Labs Primary Resistance Standard

TWA Pilot
Goddard Space Flight Center
Philmore Red Crystal Set
Icom IC-22A 137 Mhz up 
ATS1 and ATS3 Satellites
John Swankera, Hughes Aircraft 
KE2XFG  Experimental License
PSAT Satellite Communications Experiment
DXCC Contest
WSPR Network
Cathode Neutralization
Sidewalk EME or Moonbounce
1296 Mhz EME
JT65 Digital Mode
K1FO 2 X 3CX800s
Meade Telescope Tracking Mount
Owens Valley Radio Observatory
Temperature Inversion Propagation
122 GHz Amateur Radio Band
Rain Scatter 
Yaesu FT-1000 MK5
3B8CF Mauritius Island DXpedition
Grayline Propagation 
40 meter CW DXCC
Loop Antenna
ARRL Handbook for the Radio Amateur, Chapter 26, Test and Measurement
Radio Test Equipment 
Metrology Lab
FT-8 Digital Mode

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Sidewalk EME on 10 GHz
2 Watts on 24 GHz
Working DX on 10 GHz
Collins Radio KWS-1 Transmitter

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