Contest Committee to relax COVID-19 rules

As we’re all aware, the changes to COVID-19 restrictions have been coming thick and fast recently, but they have also remained inconsistent across the different parts of the UK.

The Contest Committee is preparing to allow Single Operator Portable entries to RSGB contests again from Tuesday, 7 July 2020.

This is in time for the 2m UK Activity Contest and FM Activity Contest as well as the HF Low Power contest on 19 July 2020.

All activities must be properly socially distanced.

All station activity, including station assembly, must be carried out by the operator, or only with support from people who are living at the same household.

The RSGB is not opening up normal multi-operator contesting as in section ‘O’ entries at this time.

Any local COVID-19 restrictions, such as any limitation on access to particular public locations, must be strictly observed.

Please keep a close eye on the Contest Committee website for the latest updates.




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