The HobbyPCB RS-UV3A radio module is a 144/220/450 MHz FM transceiver board. The RS-UV3A is a low cost transceiver solution for Packet Radio, repeaters, Echolink stations, base station and mobile applications. The RS-UV3A supports multiple interfaces including microphone/speaker, line level audio (soundcard), TTL serial control, Arduino Shield connections and USB. The RS-UV3A provides conditioned power for the Arduino controller.

Frequency: 144-148, 220-225, 420-450 MHz

Sensitivity:   -120 dBm for 12 dB SINAD
TX Power: 23 dBm +- 1dB
Spurious Emissions: -60 dB or lower
DC input: 3.5 – 16V, Current Depends on input voltage
Size: 4.7″ X 2.9″


  • Simple serial interface, no complicated library/drivers required
  • Built-in level shifters for 5V or 3.3V serial lines for direct connection to ARDUINO and RASPBERRY PI 
  • Onboard FTDI USB to Serial interface for no-dongle connection to computer

Stand-Alone operation 

  • Many applications require no external processor at all
  • On board support for beacon, repeater, single channel voice, Echolink, APRS and Packet
  • Legacy support of old analog single board RX and TX with higher performance and lower price

Superior RF performance 

  • Qorvo LNA and PA MMICs for low noise figure and stable output power
  • individual low-pass filters for each band to exceed FCC Spurious requirements
  • Custom RX filter to reject out-of-band signals and level the gain across the 3 bands

Multiple Audio interfaces

  • line level in and out with firmware adjustable levels
  • 3.5mm TRRS jack for PTT Speaker/Mic
  • connections for internal speaker, electret microphone and PTT switch

Flexible Power Options

  • Wide range input voltage (3.5 – 16V)
  • Can be powered via USB connector
  • 48 hour RX, 24 hour TX with 3000mA battery pack
  • Automatic switch-over from USB power to DC input

Software Support

More information in our Wiki at




App – Mobile

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