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DX Commander gets Critical UPGRADE

Major Upgrade announced for DX Commander. These replace all telescopic pole stay-up kits from immediate effect.


Discone Antenna

    A discone antenna is a version of a biconical antenna in which one of the cones is replaced by a disc. It is usually mounted vertically, with… Read more




ICOM IC-DPR30 Smallest and lightest ever ※ 1 , built-in antenna, Bluetooth ® support. New release of the transceiver IC-DPR30 that can be used to styl… Read more

YouKits HB1B upgrade

  “RadioSet-GO, your source for unique, trail friendly QRP radio designs; simple, efficient, portable, and attractive all-in-one low power… Read more

Antenna Genius

Did you know that Antenna Genius can be combined into a super switch matrix, expanding on the number of either antenna ports or the number of radios?… Read more

Omnia SDR Basic

The Omnia SDR Basic is a reintroduced Peaberry V2 by permission from David Turnbull (AE9RB). The Peaberry SDR V2 is a Software Defined Radio transceiv… Read more

bladeRF 2.0 micro

OVERVIEW bladeRF 2.0 micro The bladeRF 2.0 micro is the next-generation 2×2 MIMO, 47MHz to 6GHz frequency range, off-the-shelf USB 3.0 Software D… Read more

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