KN-990 SDR All Mode HF Transceiver With IF DSP 0.1 – 30 MHz

Here we take a look and test the KN-990 SDR All mode HF Transceiver. This radio is well built and includes an IF DSP for great sounding audio.

KN-990 Features: 

3.5 inch LCD, without touch fuction

Frequency range: Reception: 0.1~30MHztransmitting : Amateur shortwave band

Working mode: SSB/CW/AM/FM/DIGITAL

Receiving sensitivity: 0.2uV

Minimum frequency step: 10Hz

Working voltage: 12~15V

DCCurrent parameter: RX  0.4A                               

TX 4A @MaxWhole machine size: 160X80X220 (mm) [excluding protrusion]Transmitting power: rated 15 wattsModulation mode: all mode digital modulation and demodulation.Stray suppression system: more than 45dBcCarrier suppression: greater than or equal to 45dBcSelectivity: all mode bandwidth is continuously adjustable (minimum bandwidth adjustment step 10Hz).


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