Volunteer radio operators to the rescue in Belgian floods

July 2021: Brabant Wallon’s Emergency Radio Network volunteers stepped in when the Police building in Wavre, Belgium – including its Tetra antenna and computers – was left completely underwater.

In December 2015, Emily Hough interviewed Gilles Mahieu, Governor of Brabant Wallon, Philippe Vos De Wael Director of Operations, Walloon Brabant Rescue Zone Fire Service and Marc Lerchs, Information Director, Walloon Brabant Crisis Centre, about a ground-breaking project involving Belgian amateur radio enthusiasts. These volunteers were connecting the whole of society, providing invaluable back-up should major, wide-scale power cuts affect emergency services communications. READ FULL ARTICLE


Drone Antenna

Drone Antenna

“Let’s see if my new DJI Mavic Mini can lift a long wire to be used as an antenna for amateur radio! Not a practical solution by any means… Read more




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