Expert Electronics MB1 Prime 2021 SDR, Overall Review, Ham Radio SDR HF/6M/2M With Built In PC

In this video I’m taking a more detailed overview, showing some of the features it will do, and my overall opinion about what I think about it.

Expert Electronics MB1 PRIME (2021 Version)

The MB1 PRIME transceiver is a game-changer, it’s a transceiver and a PC in a single package. It has a classic design, developed over several decades, with the most advanced DUC/DDC SDR technologies – Direct Down Conversion (DDC) and Direct Up Conversion (DUC) and a fully-featured high-end personal computer with an Intel Core i7 processor onboard.

The main advantage of the MB1 PRIME 2021 over its predecessor has improved TX IMD3 AND all-new PC hardware:

  • GIGABYTE GA-IMB370TN Industrial ITX Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7-9700 3.00GHz 8-Core/8-Thread CPU (4.70GHz Turbo Freq)
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Samsung 970 EVO 500GB SSD (Solid State Drive)

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Transceiver Features:

  • Independent RX path based on DDC(Direct Down-Conversion) architecture
  • Independent TX path based on DUC(Direct Up-Conversion) architecture
  • 2software RXs + SubRX for each of them (4 slices total) + independent wideband Bandscope up to 80 MHz
  • ExpertSDR2 software in two styles: Desktop style and MB1 display (for integrated GUI)
  • Remote controloperation, using it, you connect PTT and CW-key to the E-Coder panel. Microphone and E-Coder are connected to the remotely set up PC
  • TCI interfacefor seamless connection with third-party software
  • Professional TX processing moduleprovides the most advanced tuning capability for voice operation
  • High-quality IPS 7″ touchscreendisplay with a 1280×800 resolution
  • Supports any software applicable for Windows 10 OS
  • ExtCtrlconnector to control external devices with 8 powerful keys with open collector
  • COM-portfor connection of external devices, like PA, antenna switches etc.
  • ALCconnector for external power amplifiers*
  • Has a special XVTRconnector for VHF transverters** (SMA connector)
  • 4separate programmable PTT outputs for external power amplifiers
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver as a signal generator via DAC OUTconnector (SMA connector)
  • An opportunity to use external filters in the middle of the RF path, using RX INand RX OUT (SMA connector)
  • Monitoringdelay in CW mode is about 5-6 ms
  • Input for external 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver in SO2Vmode
  • Full duplexor half duplex modes***
  • 4 HF (UHF (SO-239) connector) and 2 VHF(N-type connector) antenna connectors
  • Internal power-meter for HF and VHF bands and SWR-meter for HF band
  • Recordand play on air fragments (IQ files) with a bandwidth of up to 312 kHz
  • Internal ATU(Automatic Tuner Unit)
  • The embedded power supply unit

* ** *** These functions are supported by the transceiver’s hardware but is not implemented in the ExpertSDR2 software. They will be supported in the future ExpertSDR2 software releases.

PC Capabilities:

  • Installation of digital modes software
  • Installation of HAM and Contest logs
  • Two CW Skimmers may be used on different bands
  • The transceiver can connect to the LAN and the Internet
  • Use of Internet applications (e.g., e-mail, Skype, ICQ, TV, etc.)
  • Play video and audio files
  • Watch TV via USB-receivers
  • An opportunity to connect two external displays, keyboard, mouse
  • An opportunity to connect external speakers to the PHONES jack on the front panel

Application area 

  • Full-function radio amateur transceiver
  • Mobile contest-station
  • Remote receipt point for the contests and other applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with the bandwidth up to 80MHz
  • Work with the external programs of digital connection types, CW Skimmer, etc.


A version of ExpertSDR2 software with adapted GUI for 7″ display was specially developed for the MB1 transceiver. At the present time software works in RX/TX mode and supports two independent receiving channels with the bandwidth up to 312 kHz. A DSP library developed by company Expert Electronics allowed improvement of receiving quality and higher the stability of the software.




App – Mobile

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