Reviewing the Radioddity GD-AT10G Handheld

Review for the Radioddity GD-AT10G!

Radioddity GD-AT10G 10W DMR Radio

Featuring 10W high power output, powerful 3100mAh battery, GPS & APRS functionality, supporting both analog and DMR (Tier I & II) operating modes, talker alias, roaming function, we present you this new member of our famous Radioddity DMR line.

Radioddity GD-AT10G: built rock solid, powered with a long lasting battery life, crystal-clear sound quality and perfectly fitting in the users’ hand. This new handheld is an excellent choice if you need a powerful UHF DMR radio that is state of the art.

  • 10W/5W/2.5W/1W Selectable: The Radioddity GD-AT10G is a powerful handheld radio with a compact design, featuring high-low quad-power selectable among 10W/5W/2.5W/1W and 20,0000 DMR contacts storage, allowing bulk import via software.
  • UHF Dual Mode Radio: The Radioddity GD-AT10G is a dual-mode UHF radio. You can switch between analog and digital (DMR Tier I & Tier II) operation modes at any time. Works well with hotspot, allows your radio to connect to a digital network like Brandmeister or DMR-MARC
  • GPS Function: The GD-AT10G is with GPS function used for APRS, which is for real time digital communications of information of immediate value in the local area. This makes it a ‘must go’ for any outdoor and overland communities. Note the ARPS supports Analog & Digital TX, Digital RX.
Price: $169.99
  • Talker Alias Function: This function, also known as In-band Caller Alias, will allow your pre-set text like your name or callsign displayed on all radios’ screen receiving the transmission, which is useful for radios which are shared between two or more users.
  • Large Battery & Crystal Sound: Come with a 3100mAh large battery, the Radioddity GD-AT10G support 14 hours of continuous working time and 90 hours of standby time. At the same time, it is with a crystal-clear audio sound when transmitting and receiving.



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