BD7IBI Telescoping antenna 20-6M – AliExpress Antenna Review $21!

“Today we will be talking about the BD7IBI Telescoping Ham Radio and Shortwave Listening (SWL) Antenna. This is a Antenna capable of 20m-6M. Although this one is $21.00 USD, it does not come with the M10 too 3/8 24 thread adapter (which should be easy to find). Additionally, there are a lot of different variations of this on Aliexpress, some which come with the adapter for a buck or two more, some that are only 16$ USD.”

NEW 1PC  Shortwave radio positive V antenna GP antenna Yagi antenna diy oscillator 5.6m rod

The lever can be used for DIY design of positive V antenna, GP antenna, Yagi antenna

Oscillator parameters

Stretch full length: 5.6 meters

Contraction length: 54cm (with nut)

Link nut: M10 (working wire)

Sections: 14

The first section diameter: 1.655cm

The diameter of the distal section: 0.389cm

Pull rod material: 201 strengthen stainless steel (higher than the original strength, brightness, lifelong stainless, reduce the erection sagging)

Special construction: The upgraded version incorporates an anti-sleeved card holder. It can effectively prevent the vibrator from being shrunk by the external force.

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