Episode 427 – Ted Robinson – K1QAR


Ted Robinson, K1QAR, was a speaker in the last QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on the subject of magnetic loop antennas, especially in noisy urban areas, HOAs, and urban lots.  Ted has a long ham radio  history, a love of surfing, aviation,  restoring Collins Equipment, and now expertise in the construction and use of high power magnetic loop antennas.  K1QAR tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.


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Hometown:  Stamford, CT

First License: 1959, Age 14, K1QAR, Novice

Upgrade: General, 1960

Current Rig: 
Collins KWM-2 Modified for AM
Kenwood TS-440 HF Transceiver
Commander HF-1250 Power Amplifier
Collins R390A Receiver
Kenwood KW-R940 Receiver

Ted’s Expo Presentation:  High Power Magnetic Loop Antennas

D-Cell Battery
Hallicrafters S22R Receiver
National HRO-60 Receiver
Yale Club
FCC NYC Office
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cold War
Bleeder Resistor
New Canaan Bankers Railroad Car
Electric Trolly Car Restoration
Bud Trolly Car
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
Anchorage Earthquake, 1964
Yale University, Engineering
Surf Shop 1960s
“Hang Ten”
Hansen Surfboards
Beechcraft Bonanza
Block Island, NY
Aeronca Champ
Real Estate Investment Trust – REIT
Pan American Airlines
Indenture Agreement
Trans World Airlines
Sideband Engineers SBE33 HF Transceiver
Helical Whip Antenna HF 20 Meters
Bonneville Salt Flats
Mooney Aircraft Company
Tropical Storm Opal
3CX800 Tube
Vortex Generators
Fast Attack AGC
Reduction Gear
Receiver Ballast Tube
6BA6 Vacuum Tube
Edward Snowden
Art Collins
Magnetic Loop Antenna
Magnetic Loop Efficiency Calculator
Antenna 160 Meter Magnetic Loop
Antenna “Q”
Stepper Motor
Vacuum Variable Capacitor
Rotary Encoder
Sacrificial Zinc
Soldering Iron with Ferrite Tip
Tube Tester
Hyram Percy Maxim’s Blue Card Campaign
Los Angeles Airport Rabbit
FT8 Digital Mode
EME with Digital Modes
FCC Part 15 Regulations
Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: getting kids interested in ham radio and FCC Part 15 noise floor.  

Excited most by: voice contacts through the Moon, EME

Advice to new or returning hams: do the simple stuff first when trying to solve a technical problem.

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Hallicrafters S22R Skyrider

Collins R-390 Receiver

Collins KWM-2 HF Transceiver

Kenwood TS-440S HF Transceiver

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