Episode 444 – Adam Farson – VA7OJ / AB4OJ


Adam Farson, VA7OJ and AB4OJ, began his ham radio journey over 60 years ago as a youngster inspired by electronics and eventually ham radio in his native South Africa.  Pursuing a career in the broad science that surrounds telephony World wide, Adam has adapted telephony methods and test equipment to evaluate amateur radio transceiver performance.  Adam shares his ham radio and professional journey in this QSO Today.


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Adam’s Website

​Reflections of a Retired Telecom Engineer, 2002, by Adam Farson

First License: Age 22, 1962, ZS1ZG, South Africa

Education: University of Cape Town, BSEE MSEE

Current Station: 

Philmore Crystal Set kit
Wonder Book of Electricity – UK book
The Boy Electrician, Alfred Morgan
Build an inexpensive valve/tube tester
Medium wave TRF
Wireless set  No. 62 Set transceiver descendant of the 19 set
PMG Certificate (Marine Radio Telegraph Operators license)
Instructograph Morse Code Practice
ARC5 Transmitter
Marconi Radio Equipment Aircraft Receiver and Transmitter
ISDN lines for data services
1947 Bell System Strike
Metered call unit – message unit
999 Emergency Calls British Post 1932
Raycal, Pretoria, South Africa
Racal TRA-967 VHF  Manpack
Solid State HF transceivers
Official Secrets Act,  South Africa
ME-61/GRC  Field Strength Meter.
The ZS6XT Hybrid 20m SSB/CW Transceiver (1964)
CERN, European Center for Nuclear Research
Proton Accelerator
Intersecting proton storage rings
GTE – Emek HaEla Earth Station, Israel

Classic Icom Station

Oldies but Goodies Icom Radios

Noise Power Ratio Testing – band of noise with deep notch
Noise Power Ratio Testing of HF Receivers
Receiver IMD
Phase Noise
Third order dynamic range
ITU Band Noise Line
Icom HF Users Net
HPSDR – High performance software defined radio
Apache Labs – HPSDR
HPSDR Control Head Raspberry Pi

Project on workbench: 12 Mhz Precision Test Fixture  – no completed and in use!

Excited by: rapid evolution of technology

Advice to new or returning hams: Take a look around

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VA7OJ Ham Shack Picture

VJ7OJ Test Lab


Icom IC-703 HF Manpack Transceiver

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