Anan 7000DLE II Review

  • The ANAN-7000DLE MKII monoblock SDR transceiver incorporates an Intel 8th Generation i5/i7 core computer, the SDR client software is preloaded and calibrated making the unit completely Plug & Play!
  • Unlike other Software Defined Radios which incorporate embedded processing with limited capabilities and no upgrade path, the ANAN-7000DLE MKII uses a powerful Intel 8th Generation Quad core SoC and Windows 10, this allows for digital transmission such as FT8 and others out of the box.
  • Using Direct Down Conversion with an ultra low phase noise clock yields an RMDR of 116dB @ 2Khz separation, this means that close in weak signals will not be masked by the receiver’s phase noise.
  • The transmitter specifications are also off the chart, use of a new 16bit DAC with an ultra low noise clock source results in transmit phase noise better than any other product available in the market.
  • Use of LDMOS drivers and an optimized final Amplifier stage with adaptive Predistortion Algorithm (PureSignal) yields transmit IMD of -68db @ 100W PEP, this is at least 20dB better than any Class A transmitter and over 30dB better than the competition.
  • Use of two 16bit phase synchronous ADCs allow for advanced applications such as Diversity reception for ultimate noise mitigation and effects of signal fading.

Other Improvements:

  1. Integrated i5/i7 Windows 10 computer with SDR client preloaded and calibrated at the factory making the radio completely plug and play. (NO EXTERNAL PC Required)
  2. Capable of driving three full HD monitors, ideal for digital modes.
  3. Stainless steel chassis and large aluminium heatsink for excellent thermal dissipation and Rx/Tx isolation.
  4. PA board improvements for higher duty cycle, 100% ICAS duty cycle supported.
  5. Tx Signal generation redesigned to improve SNR at low power levels.




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