Gqrx 2.13 is out!

Gqrx SDR 2.13

 argilo released this 15 hours ago

  • Stereo option for UDP streaming.
  • Script to generate AppImage.
  • Allow scroll wheel direction to be inverted.
  • Fixed FM de-emphasis causing audio to be 20 dB quieter than it should be.
  • Fixed FM de-emphasis applied incorrectly in WFM stereo receiver.
  • Update waterfall time resolution when FFT settings are changed.
  • Update waterfall time resolution when window is resized.
  • Restore waterfall time span between sessions.
  • Fixed FFT buffer overlap calculation.
  • Fixed crash when launching without device connected.
  • Fixed crash when setting invalid RF gains.
  • Fixed audio panadapter / waterfall slider direction.
  • Clear FFT averages when changing FFT size.
  • Fixed crash when source block doesn’t support IQ balancing.
  • Fixed bookmark labels in FFT draw over each other.
  • Improved DSP and FFT performance.
  • Improved panadapter & waterfall performance.
  • Smooth panadapter & waterfall redrawing.
  • Better default values for various settings.
  • Audio waterfall colormap matches I/Q waterfall.
  • Use all available display space for panadapter & waterfall.
  • Updated RDS decoder.
  • More Airspy HF+ sample rates added.
  • See More : Here




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